From the recording "SONGS OF MY LIFE" (2)


"Many are the ways of life, everybody does their thing, the fads the trends they all just come and go. People trying on beliefs like they try on their old clothes, do they really understand what the mirror shows. Every day we see something that really makes us want to scream, 'cause the world has lost its way to go. They can make us think that they've got it all figured out, but eventually the weakness starts to show. I've found a way that takes me where I need to go, but it's up to me to act on what I know. And through my actions I can see my whole life grow... higher and higher, higher than the hip. That is what this life is all about. Higher and higher, loving every bit of it, higher than my problems there's no doubt. There's no doubt, there's no doubt.
Now that I've come this way my destiny is clear, and I know that through my struggle I can see, a blissful ease that's near now that I have Islam..."